Alberto García de los Angeles 

Alberto Garcia De Los Angeles is not your typical President and CEO.

While it is true that Alberto is responsible for all the typical President and CEO activities, from making larger corporate decisions to managing overall operations, empowering employees to achieve greatness to maintaining tight communications with International contacts and partnerships, career development to strategic planning, and so much more at his core, Alberto is an engineer, through and through.

When asked about his favorite project of all time, Alberto did not focus on Board meetings, acquisitions, or strategic growth projections. While he could have highlighted his exceptional leadership and how it has led Elecnor Hawkeye to become one of the most well-respected industry leaders, Alberto instead highlighted the first big project completed in the United States – from the challenges it presented the team and the way the organization grew through the steep learning curves presented during that project.

As President of Elecnor Hawkeye, Alberto combines his personal experience as a cutting-edge engineer as well as his years of executive level leadership to help develop talent, find innovative solutions, and maintain the high level of excellence his customers have come to expect. Above all else, Alberto values loyalty, honesty, adaptability, integrity, and a positive attitude. Embodying the very essence of his personal work motto, “Listen first, and then help”, Alberto maintains an open door mentality in his leadership style, and is committed to hearing the needs of his employees and customers, and then taking decisive action to help. Fueled by his commitment to optimistic realism, Alberto is able to offer pragmatic advice, sound solutions, and a welcoming demeanor that makes him far more than your typical CEO – he is a mentor, a confidant, and a cherished colleague.

In his spare time, Alberto embraces his personal life motto: “The more you sleep, the less you live.” When he is not fearlessly leading the Elecnor Hawkeye team, he can be found exploring the country on his motorcycle, traveling with his family, or practicing his woodworking at home.