Aubrey Allen

Aubrey Allen 

Human Resources Director

Joining the team in July of 2021, Human Resources Director, Aubrey Allen, has a passion for connecting with people, learning their stories, and doing her part to uphold Elecnor Hawkeye’s sterling reputation as one of the most welcoming, supportive, and accomplished organizations in the industry. She brings with her a proven track record of service, and of accomplishments centered around empowering employees to contribute to, and benefit from, shared success.

As a proud native New Yorker, Aubrey possesses the determination, passion, and unwavering commitment one would expect for someone born and raised in the Big Apple. Graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Fordham University in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources, Aubrey’s career in Human Resources actually began in high school where she worked as an HR Intern for Citigroup. Today, after over 20-years in the HR profession, she embraces her role as the bridge between employees, operations, and leadership. She goes above and beyond to understand the unique needs and goals of each team. When the pandemic first affected New York City, she mobilized an approach that emphasized the ”human” in HR – ensuring that in addition to driving inclusivity and diversity, work-life balance was taken into account. In fact, Aubrey viewed the situation as a chance to strengthen HR’s role in implementing common sense steps to help people – not so much “pie in the sky” theories, but real, grounded approaches.  This would help to ensure that the workforce comes out on the other side stronger, and more resilient.

In addition to the existing visions, goals, aspirations, and innovations that Elecnor Hawkeye is already known for, Aubrey is on a mission to reimagine employee engagement and organizational growth.  With her eye set on fostering innovative programs such as a college internship and recruitment program, a corporate training curriculum, mentorship cohort, new hire onboarding program, and succession planning, Aubrey is building a stronger, better Elecnor Hawkeye for the future.

On a personal note, Aubrey’s life in many ways mirrors her professional one: she believes in personal empowerment, and believes that in many ways, we create our own realities – so she provides support for positive thinking in everything she does.  She has a wide range of interests that revolve around experiences, family, and friends; and takes the time to enjoy traveling, cooking, and athletic activities with her children. Although a hard worker, she practices what she preaches by fiercely maintaining an optimal balance. She truly represents someone who reaches for the stars…but keeps her feet firmly planted on the ground.