Dave Ranta

Dave Ranta 

T & D

For over seven years, Dave Ranta has been providing his unique brand of direct, no-nonsense, solution-driven expertise to Elecnor Hawkeye as the Vice President of Northeast OH T&D (Overhead Transmission and Distribution). As a New Englander, Dave possesses the tireless work ethic, dry humor, and get-it-done attitude that comes with working in and around Boston, Maine, and New Hampshire.

Dave leads a team of professionals responsible for building electrical utility infrastructure. He loves projects that require off-road work, partially because of the adventure aspect, but mostly because of the intricate team coordination needed to get the job done. He appreciates Elecnor Hawkeye’s long-term vision and goal setting, as it aligns with his values of creating lasting, effective, and efficient solutions.

A man of few words but of action, Dave’s philosophy is to trust your instincts but learn from your mistakes. Above all things, Dave believes in honesty in all aspects of his life. He is committed to his team's long-term success via setting expectations and establishing open communications.