Edward Kleinke

Edward Kleinke 

Director of Quality Assurance

Edward Kleinke has been a critical contributor to Elecnor Hawkeye’s commitment to excellence. As the Director of Quality Assurance, Edward strives for outstanding service, products, and project outcomes for Elecnor Hawkeye’s customers.

With over a decade of utility construction experience, Edward has led and supported project management, system repair, compliance implementation, and industry-specific training programs. Drawing on legal, insurance, risk mitigation, and compliance experience, Edward possesses the expertise to ensure that Elecnor Hawkeye products, services and projects are delivered with superior quality.

Edward has earned a strong reputation for improving processes and outcomes through mindful collaboration and strategic partnerships. He believes that his role as the Director of Quality Assurance affords him opportunities to enable teams to seek each challenge’s solution and find innovative ways to improve. While Edward sincerely appreciates every aspect of his work, he draws great satisfaction from developing utility workers’ training programs. He believes that employees should be empowered to advance their careers through education and mastery of skills, resulting in the delivery of higher quality services.

In Elecnor Hawkeye, Edward has found an organization fully committed and dedicated to delivering outstanding outcomes and developing people. He embraces the constant drive for continuous improvement of processes and a willingness to adapt in an ever-changing industry. Edward believes that it isn’t enough to know how to do the work; one must also understand why the work is done that way. Fortunately for the Elecnor Hawkeye family, Edward understands both.