Hal Meeler

Hal Meeler 

Director of UG Transmission

Hal has enjoyed a wide variety of experiences throughout his career that help drive his work today as the Director of UG Transmission at Elecnor Hawkeye. Hal's work has focused on design, operations, engineering, and project management with over 25 years’ experience in the high voltage electric industry. Since 2012, Hal has overseen countless projects, leading everything from business development to project execution. Hal is a dedicated leader that shows in his work ethic and the vast number of essential supports he brings to the team, from HPFF splice design, pressurized hydraulic systems, engineering, operations management, and estimates. His knowledge and dedication to delivering optimal results on every project help inspire everyone on his team to do the same.

Hal splits his time between Windsor and Newark, New Jersey. Committed to service, Hal loves the unique challenges each new opportunity presents. He is devoted to designing a clear pathway to success. He believes the key to success in his work is building the right team, finding the proper support, and approaching all projects with integrity.

When he is not facilitating projects, Hal can be found enjoying the outdoors, spending time with his family, or just chilling in front of a good movie or game. Hal and his family enjoy being part of several different charity organizations, which are focused on creating a happier, healthier, and more sustainable future for our children.