John L. Zoerhof


John L. Zoerhof

John L. Zoerhof

VP of NJ Operations

Dedicated, driven, and known for his good old-fashioned Dutch work ethic, John Zoerhof is known for his quick wit, tremendous insight, and commitment to serving others. Since joining the Elecnor Hawkeye team in January of 2022 as the Vice President of Operations for the Electrical Transmission & Distribution team, John has embraced the comradery and organizational vision that the Windsor, New Jersey office is legendary for.

With over three decades of experience in the electrical and utility infrastructure industry, John’s work has expanded within the entire gamut of the field, starting as a Journeyman Electrician in 1993, then rising through the ranks as Utility Lineman, Foreman, General Foreman, Project Manager, Senior Project Manager, Division Manager, and now his current role as Vice President of Operations. It is this vast array of industry experience that gives John his unique approach to his work, offering insight and understanding that can be hard to find in a C-level executive.

Today, John’s work is focused on streamlining daily operations, establishing and building long-term strategies for the team, building new relationships that drive business development, optimizing the customer experience, and specific attention to P&L management, cost management, margin protection, and risk management.

John loves achieving and finding solutions for problems that other contractors are afraid of. He believes in applying his laser focus and tremendous tenacity to build solutions that others thought were impossible. His leadership style helps others discover and embrace their own potential to tackle difficult projects, and it is his goal to support and raise up those around him. John leads with the belief that he is always training his replacement, and that by training your team to surpass you, you are building a stronger, more vibrant team that drives lasting success.

In his spare time, John can be found adventuring around in his Jeep, playing with his dogs, or attempting to improve his golf game.