John Petrina

John Petrina 

Director of NJ Operations

As the Director of New Jersey Operations, John Petrina is tasked with the underground transmission group's day-to-day operations. He connects with customers, creates clarity in policies and procedures, directs employees, reports to upper management, and oversees projects' execution.

John looks at all organizational and project-driven challenges as an intricate puzzle, and creating efficient, effective, and impactful solutions are the work. In one of his most memorable projects, John worked on managing a 49 turbine wind farm project in Ontario, Canada – partly because of its incredible scale and the immense logistical challenge it presented.

John appreciates and is grateful for Elecnor Hawkeye’s commitment to growth, learning, and security. He appreciates that the organization puts safety and quality above all else, both for their team members and their clients. Correspondingly, John can often be found catching up on the industry’s latest standards and development articles in his spare time.