Leonardo Sancho Frances


Leonardo Sancho Frances

Leonardo Sancho Frances 

President & CEO

Known simply as Leo throughout the team, the President and CEO began his Elecnor journey as an intern back in 2008 after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Valencia with his degree in mechanical engineering. Leo’s career started in the Electric Distribution Division of Elecnor S.A. in beautiful Valencia, Spain, within the Estimating department.

His determination, desire to learn, and commitment drove Leo to become a project manager and work on several Electric Distribution projects simultaneously while also completing another degree in electrical engineering and a masters in Renewable Energy. Before long, the hard work and dedication paid off, and he was assigned to the Business Development Project in the Northeastern region of the United States. It didn’t take long for Leo to realize the unique challenges, and market potential – and in March of 2013, he made New York his permanent home.

A few months after, he became part of the Due Diligence team that Elecnor put together to explore the opportunity of Hawkeye in New York. Thereafter, Leo has been part of the Elecnor Hawkeye family.

Everyone knows Leo as a team member who appreciates a challenge and relishes learning opportunities. His ability to work across departments and create unique solutions, along with his charming wit and down-to-earth nature, has made Leo one of the go-to individuals at Elecnor Hawkeye – no matter the problem. Leo is a solutions-oriented team member and always does it with a smile.

Leo is at his best when he finds efficient, thoughtful, and practical solutions that support his team and improve organizational outcomes. His passion for work is infectious and motivates his entire team to work smarter. Inspired by his hero Albert Einstein, Leo’s philosophy is to “think different,” and his ability to do so is a gift.