Richard Neugebauer

Richard Neugebauer, PE
SVP of Operations

Richard Neugebauer has the distinction of being one of the very first employees of Hawkeye since its establishment. As Senior Vice President of Operations, Richard has been part of all the changes, innovations, and ups and downs along the way.

After his degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, he obtained his NYS license for Professional Engineer (PE) in 1997. Richard approaches his work with a sense of honesty, integrity, and commitment that not only gets the job done but inspires excellence in all those around him. He is responsible for efficiently, effectively, and safely staffing Elecnor Hawkeye projects and undertakings. Richard is driven to ensure every contract is completed to the highest standards and is personally responsible for reporting financial progress to the upper management of Elecnor Hawkeye. His favorite projects require countless moving pieces, intricate details, and challenging requirements that test his abilities and sharpen his future endeavors experience.

Above all else, Richard believes in acting with integrity, working hard, and approaching life through the lens of honesty. Driven by his belief that there is no substitute for effort, Richard consistently motivates, inspires, and encourages every team member at Elecnor Hawkeye to strive to be their very best.