Environmental Management

Being aware of the potential environmental impacts of our activities, Elecnor has defined and applies the most effective corrective mechanisms to minimize these impacts.

Elecnor Group has incorporated activities contributing to protecting the environment and natural resources as an intrinsic part of its business operations. These activities include, among others, generating renewable energies, processing and recycling water, and efficiently using energy in each of its actions, as established in the Energy Policy.

Our strategy with regard to Environmental Management is governed by the following principles of conduct:

  • The on-going search for a balance between economic profitability and environmental protection, providing approaches so that one supports the other.
  • Considering environmental aspects in all investment decisions for new projects and activities being studied by the Group.
  • Involving employees through appropriate training and awareness activities.
  • Engaging our other stakeholders (shareholders, customers, suppliers and society in general) in our search for useful solutions to the challenge of preserving the environment and energy resources.