Environmental Management


Environmental Management

Recognizing the potential environmental ramifications of our operations, Elecnor actively implements robust corrective measures to mitigate these impacts.

As an integral aspect of its business ethos, the Elecnor Group has integrated initiatives aimed at preserving the environment and natural resources into its core operations. These initiatives encompass a spectrum of activities, including the generation of renewable energies, water processing and recycling, and the conscientious management of energy usage across all facets of its operations, as delineated in the Energy Policy.

The strategy of the Elecnor Group in terms of Environmental Management is governed by the following principles of conduct:

  • Incorporation of the environmental aspect into the decision-making processes regarding investments and the planning and realisation of activities, by fostering consideration of this aspect in cost-benefit analyses.
  • Promotion of the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the natural environment (air, water, soil, flora, fauna and landscape) through the adoption of specific preventive, palliative and compensatory measures, aimed at the prevention or the restoration of zones which may be affected by the Group’s activities.
  • Responsible and efficient management of water resources, by looking after every aspect of the full cycle, supporting social development and the conservation of ecosystems.
  • Involvement of all of its interest groups (employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers and society in general) in the joint search for useful solutions to the challenge of conserving and developing the environment and the sustainable use of natural resources.