MPRP section Southern Loop/ Southern Corridor

The Maine Power Reliability Program (MPRP) was a $1.4 Billion project undertaken by Central Maine Power/Iberdrola in 2010 to increase reliability and capacity to the 13 Maine counties in which CMP operates. Elecnor Hawkeye participated in the project through construction and upgrading over 50 miles of transmission lines in the Southern Loop/Southern Corridor section of the project.

Duke Energy in Cincinnati, OH

High voltage underground transmission-installation of 138kV high pressure fluid filled cable 3 phase splice for Duke Energy in Cincinnati, OH. A new bridge was built to span the Ohio River, which required the relocation of one of Duke Energy’s substations. The substation relocation affected two circuits that had to be partially relocated. Elecnor Hawkeye successfully relocated one circuit in 2014, and relocated the second circuit in 2016.

Rebuilt OH Distribution System Martha’s Vineyard

Rebuilt the overhead 25kV distribution system on Martha’s Vineyard to support the new submarine cable. Installation of 72,820 circuit feet of overhead reconductoring and new installation of 251 poles were replaced, and fiber optic was transferred.

MSA Gas Queens

New York City Con Edison Gas mains and services contract for the Borough of Queens. More than 15 years of providing gas construction services for the residence and businesses of Queens, NY.

New dynamic reactive support system substations

Elecnor Hawkeye installed the first two utility SVC PLUS in the United States for SiemensSiemens was awarded the Project "DRSS Phase II" by the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA). This second phase of the Dynamic Reactive Support System (DRSS) consists of two SVCs, located on Long Island, New York, USA, and serves the purpose of voltage stabilization and reactive support during summer peaks. Each SVC is rated -50/+150 MVAr and is connected to 138kV.