About Us

Elecnor Hawkeye is a leading turn-key service provider in the energy sector working with utilities, manufacturers, developers, and governmental agencies across the United States.

Ten years of continued growth

Over the years, Elecnor Hawkeye has achieved significant milestones, overcame challenges, and evolved in ways that have enriched the lives of countless individuals.


High Profile Projects

Our company offers engineering, construction, and maintenance solutions to the electricity, gas, and telecommunications sectors.

Diverse Capabilities

Over the past 20 years in business, Elecnor Hawkeye has built a reputation for customer satisfaction, environmental stewardship, and on-time/on-budget projects. Elecnor Hawkeye’s core service offerings include, but not limited to, electrical overhead transmission and natural gas infrastructure.


Thanks to the passion, integrity, and dedication of our staff, Elecnor Hawkeye has become the leader in the industry and is moving faster than ever. Our employees are one of our greatest strengths, allowing us to rise to the challenge and accomplish complex projects.

Elecnor Group

With 60 years of continuous growth and a presence in more than 50 countries, Elecnor has become one of the most outstanding Spanish business groups and a benchmark in the infrastructure, renewable energy and technology sectors.