Matthew J Braunwart


Matthew J Braunwart

Matthew J. Braunwart 

Chief Operating Officer

“Work hard. It’s that easy.”

More than his philosophy, this phrase perfectly sums up Elecnor Hawkeye’s Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Matthew Braunwart. For over 12 years, Matthew has been working hard and inspiring the entire Elecnor Hawkeye family to do the same. Located in the Hauppauge, New York office, Matthew is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Elecnor Hawkeye organization.

While he is now in charge of operations, Matthew began his career with Elecnor Hawkeye as a junior project manager in 2008. Where his bachelor’s degree in Engineering, coupled with his vast experience within the design and utility side of power generation, granted him a unique perspective; Matthew moved up through the organization ranks promoted to Estimator, then Chief Estimator, and now Chief Operating Officer. He attributes his success to hard work, integrity, honesty, and careful listening.

Although Matthew cherishes his time in the field, he loves the challenge that daily operations bring.

He always tries to make time to visit the field and see the crews. However, he relishes the opportunity to create a resilient future for Elecnor Hawkeye through strategic, mindful, and effective planning and partnerships.