James Canale

James Canale
IT Director

For James Canale, the pathway to Elecnor Hawkeye began as an independent consultant in 2016. He was given the ambitious task of combining multiple modules into one cohesive, easy to use, and a concise view of the organization's vast array of business segments.

James loves projects that allow the IT team to use their talent to bridge technology and people to deliver solutions. With his leadership, the team has harnessed the power of technological advances to introduce cutting-edge technology that streamlines internal Elecnor Hawkeye processes. Together, they’ve launched our organization into cloud computing, secure remote VPNs, and introduced VOIP phone systems, to support the company's hardware and software needs.

Working at Elecnor Hawkeye has afforded James the unique opportunity to blend two of his professional passions: customer service and innovative technology. Bridging the gap between customer’s needs and technological solutions provides James with a renewed sense of pride in his work and fuels him to continue seeking out groundbreaking technology designed to provide better services, faster solutions, and more efficient processes for both Elecnor Hawkeye and their customers.

James likes going to concerts in his spare time, mixing music, and reliving his days as a DJ in the 70s and 80s. James also likes to unplug from technology by landscaping his yard and cultivating the beautiful scenery around his home.