Jeroni Gervilla

Jeroni Gervilla

Jeroni Gervilla began his journey with Elecnor over 18 years ago and attributed most of his personal growth, success, and opportunity to the experience. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in business administration, he joined the Elecnor family in the early 2000s. From developing teams to decision making, Jeroni had a natural ability to connect with others and make vital business decisions that positioned the organization for sustainable, long-term growth.

In November 2013, he transferred to Elecnor Hawkeye as the Chief Financial Officer. He brought his expertise and financial guidance to help Elecnor Hawkeye continue to thrive. However, there is far more to Jeroni than what the numbers may have you believe. At his core, Jeroni is an empathetic, kind, caring, people-before-profits executive who provides much more than financial and fiscal knowledge. He provides leadership, guidance, civility and places a higher value on ethics, organizational missions, and leadership. Above all else, Jeroni believes in loyalty.

When not working, Jeroni is often traveling, enjoying nature, hiking, and volunteering with UNICEF or animal rights organizations.

Jeroni believes in promoting sustainability through business and in life to drive lasting environmental change.