Roger R DeVito


Roger R DeVito

Roger R. DeVito 

General Counsel

It would be easy to be intimidated by Roger’s impressive list of accolades. His unique educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics, a Master’s Degree in Economics, and a Juris Doctorate focused on Environmental and Energy Law all of which fuels a diverse and distinctive work history. His early years as a teacher of mathematics have given him the ability, insight, and joy of imparting his expertise and knowledge.

Roger’s resume consists of solar utility projects with the Los Angeles Energy Office as well as work as a management analyst with an industrial engineering group for the New York City Transit Authority. Moreover, his artistic endeavors embrace architecture, design, and photography.

As the Senior Vice President and General Counsel for Elecnor Hawkeye, Roger leverages all of his experience to provide a robust and unique perspective to his work. His daily work includes negotiating contracts, navigating potential crises or conflicts, advising staff on the development of projects, assessing corporate development, evaluating policies and procedures, risk and litigation management, and other operational aspects.

His vast experience and depth of education have helped him weave an intricate tapestry of possibility for Elecnor Hawkeye, which has been a most rewarding professional experience. At present, Roger’s favorite projects include exploring alternative and reusable energy which speaks directly to his passion for environmental causes and global sustainability.

In his spare time, Roger likes to stay up on current issues and loves having deep conversations and discussions that challenge his worldview. He enjoys exploring innovative and uncharted ways of thinking with others and commits to being conscious of what he does not know. When he isn’t pondering how to make the world a better place, Roger enjoys running, reading, and cooking.